WW2 Heroes supported by VFW Post members

VFW Post 124 Reciepient of All American Post 2016

VFW Post 124 Monthly June VRD

VFW Post 124 Memorial Day

VFW Post 124 Members provided gifts to STAC5

VFW Post 124 Members Orphanage Feeding with Mrs Senato and friend

VFW Post 124 Members on Funeral for Comrade Boy Sioco

VFW Post 124 Members meeting with Orphanage personnel

VFW Post 124 Members during the US Embassy Outreach

VFW Post 124 Members Chili Cookoff 2016

VFW Post 124 Members 2013 ChiliCookoff

VFW Post 124 Induction of Officers 2015

VFW Post 124 February 2016 Fun Day

VFW Post 124 Christmas Party

VFW Post 124 Celebrating Heroes Day 2014

VFW Members saluting Comrade Ortiguero's Wake

VFW Members placing flag to Comrade Ortiguero's casket

US Ambassador Goldberg meeting with VFW Members and US Cititizens during Baguio Museum

Taps played during Comrade Lebengs Funeral

STAC5 Nov 2014 Disabled Children

PPC Larry Senato with members of Post 124 Feeding of Orphanage Kids

PPC Larry and Mrs Senato feeding orphans

PPC Alex Fores giving gifts to orphans

Post 124 Members on Memorial day

Orphans eating

Orphanage Kids Feeding

Mrs. Senato provided monetary donation to Blind Group

Memorial Day 2016

Members of VFW Post 124 on Baguio Day

Members of Post 124 Orphanage Feeding

Members of LAFRA and Members of VFW Post 124 Baguio Conv Center

LAFRA Ladies Celebrating US Coast Guard Birthday

Food to be serve to the orphans

DPA Cdr Moses Congratulating Cdr Larry Senato and QM JoeCat for making All State

District 7 Members and Cdr LarryS turnover of Bell in Bauang La Union

Comrade Lebengs Funeral

Comrade John Lagrew with his tribe powwow

Comrade Jenny Johnson giving away books and magazines to Baguio Womens Jail

Chaplain BenCasuga praying

Cdr LarryS presenting gravediggers at post meeting

Cdr LarryS meeeting with Congresswoman Rodgers during NationalConv

Cdr LarryS congratulating AngelMabalot for being Top Recruiter

Cdr LarryS and QM JoeCat in Vietnam

Cdr LarryS and District7 Cdr John Gilbert US Ambassadors House

Cdr LarryS and Comrade JPulmano visiting USAF Veteran at the hospital

Cdr LarrS and QM Acting Alex Fores presenting scholarship funds to Scholars

Cdr Larry Senato and QM JoeCat with members of Post 124 June 2016

Cdr JoeA presenting the US Flag to Comrade Lebengs Family

Cdr JoeA and QM JoeCat presenting money to waitress of Gilligans

Cdr JoeA and members of VFW Post 124 giving away scholarship money to donees

Cdr JoeA & QM JoeCat

Cdr Joe and JVC Joe Bandao ready to give gifts to orphans

BobAngelioti Induction Ceremony

Birthday Boys JohnLee, AlbertTualla & AngeloMabalot1

Birthday Boys JohnLee, AlbertTualla & AngeloMabalot

All State Post Cdr & QM1

All State Post Cdr & QM

4th of July Celebration

4th of July Celebration1