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radm charles "chick" parsons

“Chick” Parsons first came to Manila from Shelbyville, Tennessee when he was five years old. When WWII started, "Chick" Parsons and his family managed to return to the USA. "Chick" Parsons then volunteered to return to the Philippines on numerous secret submarine missions. His extensive knowledge of the Philippines and his network of local contacts enabled him to communicate effectively with the guerrilla units. After the war, he remained in the Philippines for the rest of his life.  On 29 April 2004, U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Joseph Mussomeli, officiated at a ceremony to name the ballroom of the United States Embassy in Manila after "Chick" Parsons. Three of "Chick" Parsons' sons, Jose, Patrick (and wife Toni), and Peter Parsons attended the ceremony.

Commander "Chick" Parsons on the left with General Douglas MacArthur.
Commander "Chick" Parsons during a mission in the Philippines beside a typical guerrilla hut in his typical "uniform" for getting around in the jungle. He often used sneaker type shoes in order to be able to run fast when needed. He had been a champion miler in high school in Tennessee! And to remain light on missions, he never carried a weapon.

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